About Us

Stubby Tools takes pride in crafting products make jobs easier! Stubby Tire Tools were designed by motoheads for motoheads! 

TESTIMONIALS ABOUT STUBBY TIRE TOOLS. . . "So, I never, ever, ever, write to a company to either complain or praise a product. I either never buy the product again, or I recommend it to friends who have similar interests. You guys are the exception. I tried changing my tires, a little over a year ago, for the first time. It was a horrible experience. I was using some Motion Pro tire irons, and those god forsaken rim protectors. It took me hours and hours, many swear words, and a fair amount of blood and sweat, to change a couple of motorcycle tires. I read webbikeworld's review of the Stubby tire tools, and figured I'd give them a shot for my next tire change. That next tire change came about this past weekend, and it was AMAZING! Seriously, it was almost fun, using the Stubbys. And the color instructions and optional tips were super helpful. Thank you for making a great product that actually works really, really, well. I'm looking forward to my next tire change due solely to the Stubbys. Thanks again." - GABE "Hello, I just wanted to fill you in on something. I just purchased a set of the Stubby Tire tools and have this to say. Last Monday i threw my back out (this is relevant, I promise) so i have no leverage. My friend needed a tire changed out on his MadAss scooter.(16 in tire), I have never even changed a tire before.I wanted to see how these Stubby tools work, so i gave it a shot. Now keep in mind that i have never done this ...ever! I took the old tire off his rim, took the new tire off the existing rim and re installed it on the his rim. All in 35 minutes...and..without any back strain ( I told you this was relevant). These tools ROCK! Absolutely no way to chip or scratch the painted rims. A total slam dunk!!! Way to go!! Someone has got it together! Best investment I have made in years. The only problem is that now all of our Madass group will be coming to me for tire changes. Oh Well! At least I can do them quickly,easily and without a worry on rim damage!! Congratulations on creating the best tire tool ever!!" - RAY "Just put a new set of tires on my 250 wheels with these Stubby's. Monkey-fisted them onto a brand new set of black Excel's. No scratches whatsoever. I'm sold. I'll never change another tire without them. Worth every penny. Thanx" - JOHN


We use our tire tools everyday in the real world. All Stubbys are Made in the USA so your know the quality is there!